Meerkat Cafe

I saved the most off-the-wall animal cafe for what may be my last, for nestled in Hongdae is the Meerkat Friends Cafe. It's home to meerkats, of course, but surprisingly also has a kangaroo (or wallaby?), an arctic fox, and some other cat-like animals that I couldn't identify. The first thing to note is that … Continue reading Meerkat Cafe


Weekend With Cats, Chicken, & Changdeokgung

I did a few different things this past weekend, but none of them are really in-depth enough to warrant individual posts, so here's a mash-up of all kinds of activities jammed into one topic. Firstly, on Thursday, Claire and I vowed to finally head to a cat cafe, for midterms were wrapping up and we … Continue reading Weekend With Cats, Chicken, & Changdeokgung

Puppy Cafe

Double posts, one day, because we really packed our Sunday with exciting activities. Right after the Trick Eye Museum, we hunted down a dog cafe to grab a hot drink and, most importantly, cuddle some animals. Although figuring out where this was required us to be extra foreign and consult the tourist information kiosk, it … Continue reading Puppy Cafe