Weekend With Cats, Chicken, & Changdeokgung

I did a few different things this past weekend, but none of them are really in-depth enough to warrant individual posts, so here's a mash-up of all kinds of activities jammed into one topic. Firstly, on Thursday, Claire and I vowed to finally head to a cat cafe, for midterms were wrapping up and we … Continue reading Weekend With Cats, Chicken, & Changdeokgung


Ewha Woman’s University 이화여자대학교

Midterms have hit Sogang University, and after giving a thrilling presentation on the topic "U.S.: Ally or Empire?" today, I felt I really needed to get off campus and enjoy a gorgeous spring day. I feel kind of guilty about the extent to which I hang around in my dormitory on weekdays, when my friends … Continue reading Ewha Woman’s University 이화여자대학교