Korean Convenience Store Snacks

I've been home for almost a month now, but this blog feels unfinished, so I'd like to wrap up with some of the things I had in the works and then maybe do a bit of reflection as well - keep up or drop out, I really wouldn't blame you either way. Some of the … Continue reading Korean Convenience Store Snacks


Meerkat Cafe

I saved the most off-the-wall animal cafe for what may be my last, for nestled in Hongdae is the Meerkat Friends Cafe. It's home to meerkats, of course, but surprisingly also has a kangaroo (or wallaby?), an arctic fox, and some other cat-like animals that I couldn't identify. The first thing to note is that … Continue reading Meerkat Cafe

Hanbok 한복

This past Saturday was our last field trip (sob) with HUG, Sogang University's international student group. The planned activity was to explore Bukchon Hanok Village, full of traditional Korean houses, and we could elect to wear hanbok, make a hanji paper doll, or color a keychain in Dancheong colors. I, along with some friends both … Continue reading Hanbok 한복