Was That Real? Preserving Memories from Abroad

I've been home for over a month at this point, and when I think back to my stay in Korea, it seems like a dream sequence in an arthouse film. I know that I really did meet those people, visit those places, and eat those dishes, but it's so incredibly different from my everyday life … Continue reading Was That Real? Preserving Memories from Abroad


Avoiding a Faux Pas

There are significant differences between acceptable behavior and etiquette in the United States versus that in South Korea, and navigating these early on is a huge help. I think generally you'll be given some leeway if you make an unfortunate social faux pas, but it's always best to understand, respect, and adopt the customs of … Continue reading Avoiding a Faux Pas

Hanbok 한복

This past Saturday was our last field trip (sob) with HUG, Sogang University's international student group. The planned activity was to explore Bukchon Hanok Village, full of traditional Korean houses, and we could elect to wear hanbok, make a hanji paper doll, or color a keychain in Dancheong colors. I, along with some friends both … Continue reading Hanbok 한복