Night in Itaewon 이태원

This Saturday, Geneseo students in Seoul united for a night of comedy and good food. Our friend, who attended Geneseo with us as freshmen and sophomores until he had to take two years to be conscripted in the Korean army, began his five-day break and we decided to meet up and remind ourselves of home. … Continue reading Night in Itaewon 이태원


Namsan Seoul Tower 남산서울타워

Tonight, Bilge, Claire and I decided to visit one of the must-do tourist destinations in Seoul, Namsan Seoul Tower. It's the highest point in Seoul, for the tower is perched on top of Namsan Mountain and hits 480 meters above sea level at its peak. Although we have heard the view is also fantastic on … Continue reading Namsan Seoul Tower 남산서울타워

Puppy Cafe

Double posts, one day, because we really packed our Sunday with exciting activities. Right after the Trick Eye Museum, we hunted down a dog cafe to grab a hot drink and, most importantly, cuddle some animals. Although figuring out where this was required us to be extra foreign and consult the tourist information kiosk, it … Continue reading Puppy Cafe